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"Hands down the best video editor for making jumpcut videos on the market. I literally don't have to do any editing work! It's all done for me. " - Drew GriffinPamela Lissey


 Drew Griffin


"I fired my full-time video editor this year and saved over $35,000 in video editing costs. "


Angela Proffitt


Andrew McLuhan


“I can’t believe that nobody else has built this yet. As someone who spends a ton of time jumpcut editing, it’s changed my life” 

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KP weezy

Best app i ever downloaded!!

I was desperate for an editing program that i could use to pump out content for my business, but it was hopeless. Until i found this app. I am completely technologically inept and when i found this app i found my solution. Not only could i use this software but i can edit an entire video within an hour and get it on any platform i desire. I always had problems transferring files and do ding someone to edit my content when i figured out how to even transfer it to them. This purchase was a complete game changer for me and my business.

App Store Review


Most useful Editing tool ever

Any editor knows the pain of jump cutting. This app eliminates it completely. I’ve pumped out more content in a week than I have in 6 months, using this app. The fact it’ll do it mobile makes it priceless. I have the video done plus I can add text AND movie clips before it ever sees the editing board. In most cases the video is so good it never sees the computer. It just gets uploaded. Fantastic. I’d pay 500$ a year for this. It’s a steal.

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Easy to use, such a timesaver

I have tons of video waiting to be edited and it’s so time consuming and such a hassle. This app saves me tons of time and money. I can’t believe how easy it is to use! So excited to be more productive and entertaining with y’all the hassle!

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